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Factopia is a creative community of Artists, Designers, Architects, Photographers and Digital Production Agencies. Factopia was founded in 2017 and the name is a portmanteau, blended from the words Factory and Utopia.

The founder, Tithi Kutchamuch, is a Royal College of Art (London) graduate. When in London she shared a studio with other designer-makers, in the creative area that is Shoreditch. After she had moved back to Thailand, she decided she wanted to create a community where creatives could come together to make, do and provide for society.

The space itself is approximately 6400 sqm. and located in the Bangkok Metropolitan region; right in front of Bang Krasor train station.The space currently consists of 10 studio units, as well as, a main hall, kitchen and mezzanine.Whilst the studio units are used by the community, the main hall area currently caters for events, fashion shoots and music videos.

Factopia will also be running a Creative Residency programme, in the near future.